Sunday, 1 March 2015

Welcome back!!!

One year almost passed since the last time I wrote. I want to come back to write and confess whatever I want and feel want to write. I still find writing and blogging to be the best way ever to keep track on my life journey; the best way to keep me think, ponder and reflect every single things in my life. I want this to be a part of my spiritual journey as well. Most importantly I would like to be able to look back and read them someday. I would want to be able to see how my self is getting better compared to years before, compared to the old self of me. It will not be easy to let the new hobby become life habit, but I want to try again and again. Well, wish me luck blog! I will see you soon again :)

Much love,


Tuesday, 18 March 2014


It has been months since my last post. I miss blogging, but I am lazy enough to write as well. I think I have to start write again. It is a way for me to keep record of my life's events and share them around someday publicly. 

I have been married for two months eighteen days. It is still very new for me and my husband I believe, but there is not much different. Perhaps, each of us has our own schedule and activity. Thankfully, it is still the same, more or less or at least, not much changes at the moment. Some naive thought that always get me mad on my husband or moody is always one that the beginning of marriage life is sweet and full of romance. Too much movie or drama for me, maybe? Hehehe..At certain time, I really understand the real scene behind marriage life; not everyday is a Valentine day, full with romance and cuddle of both. After a day fighting outside, perhaps, when we meet, one or two of us is lazy to start any conversation. One or two of us prefer to rest and enjoy the movie or some personal activities. This is definitely not me, it is more likely to be my husband. I would always want to know, love to share and ask about his day, but MAN is a MAN. They don't talk after a tiring day. They rather watch movie and rest or playing with their gadget. This is my man. Sometimes, I try to understand, sometimes, I really could not understand too. He could text with his gadgets most of the time, but not with me. I am scared that there is a communication problem between us that would drift us a part unconsciously. Well, maybe I am thinking too much? ;)

Many more for me and him to learn all the way till death do us a part. I always pray that both of us can learn to be better wife and husband. I really do hope too, no matter what and how busy we are, we could still try to understand the needs of both us; to be UNDERSTOOD, to be TRUSTED, to HAVE A DATE, to HAVE SOME CUDDLES and SOME QUALITY TIME mentally, physically and spiritually. In short, a balance life as a husband, a wife, a friend, a family and a person. It is not an easy task, but surely we will do it together with His guidance. Here may I pray for him and both of us:

"Lord Jesus, I know and I realize I do not always thank you for everything in my life. I am yet to have a habit to always spend time with you. I want this prayer to be just that Lord. Thank you for my marriage and for giving me a man who would be so very patient and loving. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to experience life with my husband, good times, hard times and all the in between. I am also thankful for how you use my marriage to teach me and refine my character. Please do so each day in our journey together. Thank you for the families, friends and job You place me in now, a roof over my head and the closet full of clothes I get to choose from daily. Thank you for the food and the beauty of creation that is pleasing to look at. I am amazed every day of the detail you poured into creation and it reminds me of your loving kindness. Thank you for your love, please use everything you have given to me to transformed me! Thank you for guiding me and for listening to me and for pursuing me. I pray I can love you with all of my heart, always to thank you and give you the glory. In Jesus’ name, AMEN!"

Monday, 24 June 2013

Will you marry me...? [*Surprise!*]

Thanks for the man of my life for a truly unexpected surprise on my birthday on 28 April 2013! He finally proposed to me....I don't dare to think about it, but I would love to talk about it :)

Ever since I know you don't like to talk about those proposal and marriage stuffs, I try not to talk about it, but sometimes, I can't control myself too. Perhaps, that is right, that's the difference, the typical difference between man and woman. I admit I love those pretty things and marriage and wedding are one of those pretty things in life. I am excited for things to come...

Thank you dear, dream comes true and surely a time for another new chapter in life. We are reaching that soon in December 2013 and I just can't believe up until this moment I would get marry and become a wife and a daughter for another new family. I would say I am a blessed one because of Him and you. Thank you for one of the best gift in my life, the best I could have ever asked for. May God be with us in the our journey of life.

I love you dearly...

Thursday, 21 March 2013


I told my man that I miss my school and college mates so much; took a ride on bus, saved money just for McDonalds, went out at night for lok-lok and so much fun and grazy stuffs with them. He told me that I only miss a friend.

That statement of him knocked me, thinking, a friend? I asked my self, is there no one around me that could be a friend for me that I miss my college friends so much? I am not sure...I am only sure that I miss my besties from college; one of them in Penang, but we don't really hang out because our time, another one is in SG & another one in TW. I miss my girls back in Indonesia too; two of the best and the rest of my school friends.

I still remember those grazy fun we had in school and college, anywhere & anytime. We were punished, we had fight and arguments, but still friends, we cried then laughed. We took pictures like no one else was around. We laughed as we were the only alive. I did not do that anymore, maybe to say that I don't really fight the right person or people too. I just can't deny I love dating my friends, but I don't really do that. I guess picking out the right one matters most. Even though it was only over a coffee for couple of hours or only a movie night with them at home, it was fun enough. 

I miss doing those stuffs. :)

I think what my man told me was right. It was not about my best friends or a person. It is about being with the right person at the right time. It could be any friend I have around. Of course, I prefer my girlfriend...I just need them to share my stories and to support each other mind & soul. It could be a talk over dinner/ drink, shopping, SPA, movies and phones.  Like any other relationship in life, friendship needs to be nourished too. I have to put time & effort, but did I? Maybe I have to try harder to win them back hahahahaha...

I truly need my girlfriends around at some moments in life. Thanks for being ones. Thanks for sunshine that you have given and will give to me. You know who you're.

Last night, I found an awesome article about girlfriends. I cried reading about it. It was all in my mind and thought. She expressed it all in her writing. It is my voice. Spending times reading it all over and over again, makes me realize, one would never have enough girlfriends; good girlfriends. I trully miss my good girlfriends a lot that I cried missing them. ;D


I was just getting out of the house to take my children to school when a message came buzzing in on my Blackberry: “Girlfriends, you are needed. Can you meet me for brunch at 11am today?” My schedule raced through my mind and without much thought, I replied: “Can we make it at 10?”

I am not a planner, but this kind of spontaneity is new even to me. After getting married I had less time for my girlfriends, and even lesser since I became a Mom. Between the daily errands I had to run and the constant emotional challenges I face in raising the two future leaders of the world (yes, that’s what I tell myself to feel better), I felt I had no time to dress myself pretty, let alone be of good company to anyone. But as I sat there with my girlfriend over brunch, listening to her story about an exciting happening over the weekend, I knew that the time with her was a time well spent.

I began to think about what it means to have girlfriends in our lives. Often times when women are trying hard to balance between work and play, we tend to cast friendships aside. But we forget the benefits we get from nurturing female relationships. Not only are girlfriends the source of close and effective communication, they are also where we get that feel-good effect simply from an hour of ramblings about our feelings that can totally fill up our emotional tank for weeks. Women need each other to heal with, to laugh with, to grieve with, and to celebrate being a woman with – all of which are about communicating feelings that only women can understand (I mean, try talking your feelings out with a man and you might end up with more emotional damage than when you started.) And when emotions are all laid out on the table, when vulnerability is shown, we create a unique bond that builds up into a sense of support and security.

Casually between the laughter and the tears that followed, my girlfriend said: “I do stupid stuff and you girls are my shield.” And I can’t tell you how much truth I found in that. When we are out there making a mockery of ourselves without thinking twice, or when our worst gets the best out of us, it’s these people with whom we have a unique bond that can “bitchslap” us back to reality and point out objectively just how good we have it – without pretense, without reservation.

Girlfriends are good for the soul – I’ve heard that often before. And like all relationships, friendship needs nurturing. Whether it’s a quick chat over coffee or a nice intimate dinner or even a day away together for a spa appointment, connections with other women have proved to do a lot of good for the female soul. When we invest the time and effort to grow this friendship, it will do more good for us and others.

So ladies, since there are only so many hours in a day and so much you can put your energy into, make the right priorities and make your girlfriends a part of it. Husbands, as much as you hate feeling neglected for the few hours that your wife is off to nurture her relationship with her friends, remember that it’s usually her friends who remind her just how wonderful you are to her.

To my girlfriend – you know who you are – thank you for the sunshine!


Wednesday, 2 January 2013


It was 8 years ago when the Tsunami happened. One day, many lost their loved ones and me too. Nothing much to write even though I may have a lot to say or think. It is still like a dream for me sometimes. It even comes to the point where I totally forget about them.

Mom, dad and my brother, as well as my uncle, you guys would always be missed and treasured in our hearts. I missed my mom's cook or daughter-mom-time we may have, as well as all those daddy-daughter time. If this was for real, my brother now may have grown so well and study at higher education now. I believed, others who lost their loved one on that Sunday morning would never forget each everyone of them, just like me and my sister.

Somehow, I am grateful and thankful that I am not all alone. I believe in God that He makes something beautiful out of this, whatever that is, come or yet to come, done or yet to be done, may my God give and open my heart and my eyes to see what that is and Lord, always give me thankful heart for my life and things I have. 

May my mom, dad and brother rest in peace. Don't worry us anymore! No matter how long we have been together or apart, you are forever my families! I love you guys.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Sunday, 16 December 2012

My creations

I love my new hobby. Making bows and all, not cheap hobby though. I love them. Here are my some creations


Early Merry Christmas to our BB members

10 days to Christmas...but for all our 21st Penang Boys' Brigade, early Merry Christmas to you all...May the peace and joy of Jesus Christ be with you for days to come ♡